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About The Artists

Hebron Chism

Entering his art career from the field of Research and development, Hebron’s practice is driven by medium experimentation. Many of his pieces have been described as Alchemy. He transforms his thoughts and ideas into physical objects by unlocking the possibilities of materials by manipulation, distillation, substitution and combination. His obsession with experimentation and stretching boundaries of materials allows him to create works in many mediums. Hebron’s work represents the shared dreams and realities of human culture and civilization. His mediums, colors and materials are usually determined by the idea or statement he is wishes to convey. His themes are of yesterday, today and tomorrow of magic, science, spirituality.

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas Hebron is a self-taught artist based in Barbados. Hebron first started as an arts advocate and promoter, setting, organizing pop up galleries and poetry slams. In 2001 He founded a virtual group "MSANI" Afro-centric arts collective. The group consisted of poets, visual artists, dancers, and musicians. He became a full-time artist in 2008 as cofounder of an artist's collective, Gevers St. Studio in San Antonio, Tx.  Where he also served as vice president of SAVA (“San Antonio Visual Artist”. When Hebron moved to Washington, DC he became a member of Ottis Street arts project. He moved to Barbados in 2017 where he opened the House of Hester studios became a member of Barbados art council and Art Alliance Barbados. Hebron also opened Earth Clan Studios in Guyana, South America. He has collectors From North America, the Caribbean and the UK.


A multimedia artist regularly working in:         Sculpture; stone, wood, metal, clay, fiberglass cement and paper.

Painting:  Acrylic, oil, watercolor                      Drawing:    graphite, color pencil, pastels

Printing:    lithography, screen printing             Digital:      digital graphics, photo manipulation

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