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To support creative and critical thinking in Caribbean youth through the arts and sciences

These Franzia Foundation projects available to under privileged youth and  local artists. 


A B C free

 We provided instructors and supplies for arts and crafts classes to under privileged youth and underserved communities. Students are taught the basics of line, shape and color theory, painting, clay sculpting, paper crafts and more. Our current ongoing project is with St. John Basco Orphanage in George Town, Guyana. Instructor and project lead Angella Prendergast, artist Hebron Chism and Dalcie Robinson conduct classes ages 4-14             Website;         St John's Bosco Boys Orphanage | Facebook 

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 Caribbean Culture Creatives 
Promoting visual, performing arts, exhibits, and promoting arts in public spaces. We provide artists with exposure sites such as banks, restaurants, lobbies, gallery shows, pop ups exhibits and other public spaces to exhibit their work. We provide curation, advertising material, promotion and training. The artists pay no fees and receive 100 percent of the money from their sales. We are committed  to providing resources, exposure and training to local artists and to supporting art in public spaces.      WebSite      View some participating artists.     Facebook


Youth Works: Paused due to Covid19

Our arts training program is an after-school enrichment program for under privileged youth and aspiring young artists. Instructing youth in methods of creating  and selling their art. Nurturing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of local  students can also strengthened their academic success, life skills, and professional preparedness. Teaching video, digital arts, sculpture and multiple mediums with a focus on repurposed materials, the goal is to turn students creative talents into career pathways.  

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 The Kiva project:

The kiva project helps provides funds for micro loans to improve the lives of families in developing countries, to start small business, pay tuitions, or build homes. Each year we sell several art pieces with selected labels and use the profit to fund micro loans. Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities. providing a kiva loan enables someone to start or grow a business and create opportunity for themselves, it creates opportunities for others as well. That ripple effect can shape the future for a family or an entire village or community.  


  Academic Contests 

HOH Studio works to organize, promote and provide prizes for Creative Writing , Poetry and STEM competitions in local schools. These projects provide much-needed structure to those who are just looking to get started in writing, science, technology, and math. 

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