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Gevers st. Studio         

In 2008, Hebron began his second collective experiment - a place where the cultural, social, gender, political and economic walls were removed to create a group space for collaboration and celebration of the arts. As co-founder of Gevers Street Studio. The studio was a space for painters and poets, sculptors and dancers, musicians and artists of all kinds with an emphasis on exposing art to and engaging with the public. May 2008-May 2013.

​The Gevers Street Studio functioned as a studio and teaching co-op in which members contributed time and money to the daily workings of the of the studio. Opened May 1st 2008, the co-op was located in San Antonio TX. , a major tourist City in Texas. 

Ten artists had studio spaces in addition to six associate artists who create at the space in the common areas. The Gevers Street Studio was a multicultural, multi-disciplined studio. The co-op provided a prime opportunity to market the work of the member artists, which included works in wood, stone, clay, metal, cement and fiber glass sculptures. As well as paintings, drawings, mosaics, and murals with an emphasis on working with designers, architects, and public works projects.

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