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The United Artists Projects 



Participating Artists

Oneka Small is a visual artist who explores ideas of nature love and life in different mediums. Her greatest influence, teacher and mentor to date is Kenneth Blackman. He has guided her art to its present stage with unwavering commitment and support.. She has exhibited and won awards at the national level in both the Crop Over Visual Art Exhibition and NICFA Visual Arts. She has displayed work in the UK and the USA and has pieces in many private collections locally and internationally. She has also exhibited work in numerous Artists Alliance Barbados Pop ups Exhibitions. She is a Graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and De-sign and the Hull School of Architecture. Black Art Studios Durants Village, HolderCell 822-369


Rolrick Donovan is a self-taught artist whose passion for art is surpassed only by his passion for life. As a teenager, Rolrick studied arts in school, however, acknowledgement of Barbados’ artistic reality forced him to redirect his energies towards graphic design in 1976. Graphic Design consumed Rolrick’s life for some 30-plus years before a chance viewing of a video about artist, Bob Ross, reignited the spark for fine art, which had laid dormant. That spark turned into a full blown fire as Rolrick turned his attention to painting some10 years ago. He steadily honed his skill and knowledge through practice and online tutorials.
With oils as his medium, Rolrick indulges his love of nature by focusing primari-ly on landscapes, experimenting with fusions of North American scenery and traditional ‘Bajan’ images. Email:

From a young age Marville Alleyne always had a love for drawing but as he entered into his teenage years, his interest shifted somewhat to graphic art. So in making a career choice, he decided to go that route. While studying to be a graphic artist his passion arts sparked again, especially painting with acrylics. The desire to take up the brush constantly lingered for years, because busy work schedule, until he forced himself to enter NIFCA for two consecutive years, starting in 2017. In his second year he won a bronze for his piece “Berinda’s Boatyard                                  Email:

Amanda Trought is a London Born Mixed Media Artist creating for over 30 years, and collaborating with a variety of artists around the world in group as well as solo exhibitions in London UK, Barbados and Montserrat. The 6 times Award Winning Mixed Media Artist (National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) 2018 & 2017, and 2018 Central Bank Crop Over Visual Arts Festival), works with Sculpture, Textiles, Wood, Pastels, Acrylics and Oils and more using the materials as a tool for ex-pression. She has also had her work published in 3 books - Zen Doodles, Oodles of Doodles and 1000 Dog Portraits, and also Better Health Magazine on the effects of Arts and Health. Amanda lives and works in London and Barbados.
Website –     Email:
Barbados Studio: Realityarts Creativity Centre - https://realityarts-creativityVisits by Appointment Only

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As early as she can recall, June Gebon-Jones has had a love and apprecia-tion for art. As a secondary school student, June honed her artistic ability working with water colours, however, in acknowledgement of the reality at the time that art was not a career path, June turned to a career in the airline industry and then the financial sector, forsaking art. A life chang-ing event a decade ago, acted as a catalyst for June’s return to the canvas and her art. Using oils as her medium, the self-taught portrait artist delved in - on a quest to create evocative pieces which capture the personality and spirit of her subjects. Now retired and guided by the philosophy that
you should pursue your passion, June looks forward to the journey on which her love of art will take her. Email:


Niaz Dokrat is a self-taught photographer who specializes in Nature, Macro and Landscape photography but enjoys experimenting with various other forms including astrophotography and abstracts. He is a former executive member of the Barbados Photographic Society. Pho-tography allows him to see the world differently - from the minute fea-tures of insects to long periods of time compressed into a single im-age. Beauty is everywhere, we just have to slow down to see it. Niaz also has a background in IT and Graphic Design and believes in adapting knowledge and techniques across disciplines to create inno-vative solutions. Intsgram: @niazdokrat Facebook: PhotosByNiaz

Darran Newman is a Jamaican watercolour landscape artist and calligrapher whose paintings are inspired by different experiences while living in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe. Her recent collection reflects different flavours in nature.  She sees her art as a foremost channel of creative expression and connecting with the inner self.   Darran is an international development professional who is currently working in the Caribbean.                          Email:

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Sheri AnnMarié Nicholls  is an Barbadian artist with an Associate degree in fine art and a Bachelors Degree in studio art. A lover of nature, she uses these natural scenes of her environment to translate a feeling of nostalgia  and warmth, making her  viewers take in these intimate translations as their own.

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